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On April 25, 2017 in the afternoon, resistance to Norwich business school for the first session of the second class by the instructor li explain the efficient time management.In order to improve the resistance to Norwich business school students on the course of work efficiency, strengthen the management of time.


Lecturer Li Kaifeng with "the importance of time, how to do the master of time, time management application" for the order and combined with a series of philosophical story tells of the importance of effective time management.


First of all, the lecturer Li Kaifeng proposed "what is time?"Some people say that time is the resource, the time is the yuan, time spent, unable to store, alternative, again.Does time is equal to everyone, but the value of time in every man's hand was different.Then the lecturer Li Kaifeng illustrated in conversation with a man with young people if do not cherish the time will give us regret.

The three assets: lecturer next to the life precious wealth, health, time, explained the healthy philosophical, time can create wealth;Possession of wealth, time may obtain health;Possession of wealth, but health is not the time, wealth and health has no meaning.This shows the importance of time.


Life, some people say that have no time, then where's the time?This problem is worth every one of us to ponder!Actually think carefully, we really busy but didn't do anything.So how do you organize your time?Lecturer Li Kaifeng said we must establish a correct concept of time, have the consciousness of time management, positive communication, find out something important urgent order.The lecturer Li Kaifeng with intriguing "bottle containing large pebbles and small stones, sediment and water" story shows that every time there was not only, more important is as long as the order of the objects into the bottle is correct, work efficiency is high, do things visible distinguish important emergency order of importance.


About the application of time management, can consult five classical time management theory (6, 1. The list every day from the important to is not important; 2. This principle; 3. The elevator theory; 4. Office aesthetics; 5. Her rest.)To record the time of day, tracking flow, diagnosis and analysis of time.(recommended once a month to be beautiful, instant record), determine the target, and formulate plans, and then carry out plan, time management effect of diagnosis and management to provide the reference for the next time.


Through the study of the efficient time management, resistance to Norwich business school students not only had a profound cognition and consciousness to time management, but also know how to reasonable planning time, let the limited time to produce the biggest benefits and benefits!

Project address:  Shuangfeng station, West Lake, Hangzhou, China


Project time: August 11, 2017 to August 17, 2017


Project type: 4X6, upturn maintenance, multi screen processor, 819 motherboard