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On April 25, 2017 in the afternoon, resistance to Norwich business school for the first session of the second class by the instructor li explain the efficient time management.In order to improve the resistance to Norwich business school students on the course of work efficiency, strengthen the management of time.


Lecturer Li Kaifeng with "the importance of time, how to do the master of time, time management application" for the order and combined with a series of philosophical story tells of the importance of effective time management.


First of all, the lecturer Li Kaifeng proposed "what is time?"Some people say that time is the resource, the time is the yuan, time spent, unable to store, alternative, again.Does time is equal to everyone, but the value of time in every man's hand was different.Then the lecturer Li Kaifeng illustrated in conversation with a man with young people if do not cherish the time will give us regret.

The three assets: lecturer next to the life precious wealth, health, time, explained the healthy philosophical, time can create wealth;Possession of wealth, time may obtain health;Possession of wealth, but health is not the time, wealth and health has no meaning.This shows the importance of time.


Life, some people say that have no time, then where's the time?This problem is worth every one of us to ponder!Actually think carefully, we really busy but didn't do anything.So how do you organize your time?Lecturer Li Kaifeng said we must establish a correct concept of time, have the consciousness of time management, positive communication, find out something important urgent order.The lecturer Li Kaifeng with intriguing "bottle containing large pebbles and small stones, sediment and water" story shows that every time there was not only, more important is as long as the order of the objects into the bottle is correct, work efficiency is high, do things visible distinguish important emergency order of importance.


About the application of time management, can consult five classical time management theory (6, 1. The list every day from the important to is not important; 2. This principle; 3. The elevator theory; 4. Office aesthetics; 5. Her rest.)To record the time of day, tracking flow, diagnosis and analysis of time.(recommended once a month to be beautiful, instant record), determine the target, and formulate plans, and then carry out plan, time management effect of diagnosis and management to provide the reference for the next time.


Through the study of the efficient time management, resistance to Norwich business school students not only had a profound cognition and consciousness to time management, but also know how to reasonable planning time, let the limited time to produce the biggest benefits and benefits!

In recent years, the liquid crystal splicing industry has been developing in full swing, and the whole industry chain, from production to consumption, has undergone a series of changes.But these changes, positive and negative, face the development of liquid crystal Mosaic industry has positive influence, while negative factors have made the market disorganized.

First, lower and higher

The trick is to play it like this, starting with a low price, and after the user has paid for it, there are various reasons to add the price.For example, the original liquid crystal splicing price is not tax, and now it is to raise the tax money and so on, the original price is not to contain liquid crystal splicing mounting bracket or base cost what wait;There are a lot of tricks and reasons to add more to your users later.

In order to be true

Everyone knows that TV LCD screens do not support 24 hours of uninterrupted use day and night;Professional LCD splice screen is mainly used in monitoring and commercial market, supporting 24 hours of continuous use day and night in open-air public places.With a life span of more than 60,000 hours, industrial grade panels are used.However, someone brought home TV panels for refitting, posing as a professional splice screen.The difference between a home TV and a low-light LCD screen is at least a thousand yuan.For those who do not understand the internal liquid crystal Mosaic screen purchasing users, in fact, it is high price to buy fake goods.

Take small charge

This trick is a bit of a scoundrel, when signing a contract to tell you the product is 47 inches, but the delivery time is used 46 inches to pass off.If users don't find it, they steal it.If they do, they insist that it is 47 inches.In the industry, to say that the product size is to say the length of the diagonal line of the LCD panel, if the LCD panel is 46 inches in length, it is a 46-inch LCD Mosaic product.

4. Low charge

The splicing panel is divided into two types: low and bright, and the low brightness is 450cd/m2, and the highlight is 700cd/m2.The two screens are just the price difference of the panel, which is close to 7,000 yuan.And it's hard for amateurs to see the difference between the two products.So, when some of the newcomers who don't know much about it are making liquid crystal split-screen purchases, there are a lot of bad businesses that use low-light screens to pretend to be highlighting the screen and make a lot of money.

5. Old machine modification

There are also businesses that have used old machines that have been used by users to get their homes refurbished.Or use second-hand LCD panels, LCD splicing screen when purchasing user first began to use may also can't see the problem, but the use of time is not long can appear all sorts of problems, and then businesses have long gone, run away.

6. Lack of perfect after-sales system

After the sale of the products, the after-sales service is unattended.At this time, the liquid crystal splicing procurement customers are looking for these merchants, they will be the only attitude when they change the sales, there is no reaction at all or the after-sale price is very high.Unfortunately, in the LCD Mosaic industry, there is a large number of enterprises that have no after-sales service and no installation team.

LCD Mosaic screen manufacturers should pay attention to the brand value of Mosaic screen!

 Onlookers in 2017, the Chinese LCD splicing screen industry began to appear great structural changes, the change of the consumption trend, and the change of market reshuffle, capital, all let the splicing screen industry pattern has greater differentiation.The stronger the strong, the weaker the weak, the accelerated expansion of the seamless split-screen enterprise category, the acceleration of the business model innovation, and the new trend of the brand and marketing of ultra-narrow side LCD Mosaic.

In the change, how to construct new development way with new thinking is the proposition that we must face and constantly explore the answer.Before that we should also understand the LCD splicing screen the status quo and trend of development, for the entire screen splicing industry perspective to explore the pattern change in the development of new thinking, help shenzhen LCD splicing screen brand enterprise innovation and development. 

A domestic manufacturer of splicing screen only focus on the consumer value, consumer's inner feelings, just may have service consciousness, to the enterprise DID splicing screen brand spread out very well.That is why the service is the base of brands, products meet the functional requirements of consumers in a certain extent, "service" to a certain extent, but it can to consumers emotional value appeal externalization.Let consumers feel the joy from inside out.This is the solid foundation for a brand. 

The service is to expand consumer psychological interest pledge, enrich consumer's emotional appeal.It also shows brand personality.This requires companies to put yourself in the interests of consumers, consumers' needs, how can provides consumers with the most convenient and satisfactory service, for the services of the market, for the dealer's service, need whole wardrobe enterprises must pay special attention to.

Monitoring splicing screen enterprises must realize this: the real connotation of the brand is not that can sell the products out, but the consumer like it or not, and the ability to locate in what kind of service level.Which requires the enterprise to splice screen carefully assess what is the competitive advantage of enterprise, research the market opportunities, how to establish the brand style, use what kind of services to support the brand market cloud.

If Mosaic companies are currently considering selling products for sale, it will be a manufacturing plant rather than a highly value-added brand.Brands need to think about how to get consumers to buy products that suit them and make them happy.And the process of buying and accepting the service is simple, pleasant and human experience.